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Author Topic: Monitor Probles on older monitor  (Read 1213 times)


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Monitor Probles on older monitor
« on: June 14, 2016, 08:50:38 am »

I have VL7.1 running on an E-machine with an Nvidia graphics Card.

When I did the original install on the HDD I chose the Automatic settings. After I confirmed that everything worked, I reformatted the drive, re partitioned, installed XP (This machine is intended for a user who is used to XP, but has a STRONG tendency to get infected with all types of malware,  so I want to install VL as a backup OS). So when I re-installed VL7.1 everything is OK and readable when I boot to Lilo (and initially Grub2 - I switched hoping yo fix the problem). But at the next screen (text) my old 19" Planar Flat panel monitor goes out of "Sync" (and on teh Greeter screen) and it is very hard to read what is on screen. I did manage to log in to the desktop and change my display settings, so I have a functioning Desktop, but if I log out to the "Greeter" screen to switch users, it messes up again, but I am able to see well enough to reenter my User/Pass. If I attach my much newer Acer 23" Flat Panel, all works as expected.

What can I do to fix this "Sync" issue with teh older monitor? I have no idea wher to go to fix this. I am realitively new to Linus so some hand holding would be appreciated!!!