Author Topic: HOWTO install nvidia proprietary driver on Vector Linux 7.2.  (Read 4342 times)


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Identify your card with terminal command:
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lspci | grep VGA

Find the driver for your card on nvidia's site:

In my case, I needed the 340.96 version -

In a terminal, as root, install necessary kernel source:
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slapt-get -u
slapt-get -i kernel4.4-stripped-src

Reboot computer and select TUI mode.
Log in as root.
Make the downloaded file executable and run it:
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chmod +x

On first run, it will detect that nouveau is running and offer to disable it.
Let it do so, then reboot to TUI again.
You will probably notice that the display now is running at a lower resolution.
Log in as root and run the installer a second time.

On our 32-bit version, it is easy to read and follow the instructions.

On the 64-bit version, the display gets corrupted and you have to pay close attention.
During the first run, press keys in this sequence:
left arrow
left arrow

During the second run, the sequence is this:
left arrow
right arrow
left arrow

You can see the processes here:
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Re: HOWTO install nvidia proprietary driver on Vector Linux 7.2.
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Thanks Roy! This worked fine in my test.
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