Author Topic: on 16GB usb pendrive ,downloaded knoppix.iso file can't be shown with ls  (Read 2330 times)


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Tried to test knoppix with apacher 16G pendrive,which was made 2 partitions (one in ntfs, another in XFS),downloaded to /dev/sdb5(xfs)  with opera bruiser,
once it was finished,

the file name
"KNOPPIX_V7.6.1DVD-2016-01-16-EN.iso" can't be shown  and displayed at all under console at all.....

using partition tool and other disk tool  found that /dev/sdb5 was occupied with big 4.2G file, but file name can't shown at all....

any special commands available to sort out missing file name? currently, with ls command,"KNOPPIX_V7.6.1DVD-2016-01-16-EN.iso" can't be listed at all under console  although /dev/sdb5 was occupied with this knoppix dvd iso already 
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It is possible that the Opera browser saved it under a different name.

KNOPPIX_V7.6.1DVD-2016-01-16-EN.iso in download locations are about 4.2G, so that is probably the file you are seeing.

Remember the partition needs to be mounted before you can list files.

What does command "ls -al" show?


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it's still there, actually located under  directory  /.gvfs