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VL 7.2B1
« on: January 31, 2017, 04:05:47 pm »
I don;t know where this should go but this seemed the closest.
The gui installer still doesn't like my flat screen monitor so I can.t test that.  The text install went smoothly.
I spent a lot of time but still haven't been able to get my USB Wireless dongle to work.  (This is in another post.)
Then I went to work on WordPress.  Unlike previous VL versions, when using Super Thunar, I navigate to the wp-admin directory and click on any of the .php files, the browser started open new tabs - almost as fast as it can.  Even after closing the browser, it still keeps opening browser tabs untill I navigate out of the WordPress directory.
Then I started re-reading my older posts on the subject and it finally sunk into the block of concrete on my shoulders, started setting up httpd and will continue that as I get time.  At the time, someone mentioned that it worked right out of the box.  I finally realized that they got a prepackaged application.  I need to set it up on my system (with a local server) to see if it will do what I want.
So far, every thing else seems to be working.  This is much friendlier than the previous 7 series.  Thanks to all that had a hand with it.
7.2 STD B2 built on Feb-01-2017
HP 670 Win7 & VL7.0