Author Topic: [SOLVED][HOW TO] Install Samsung Unified Printer Driver in VectorLinux\Slackware  (Read 1932 times)


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Pay attention because these steps are not exhaustive and may not work for your particular configuration! One of my printer is a Samsung ML-1710, which do not work by default driver bundled with CUPS, although the ML-1750 and ML-1650 is supported natively by CUPS (also is in list), choosing them at driver selection results in a not-work-at-all, the driver that pilot the ML-1710 is different. So official Samsung driver is mandatory!

The official installer won't work properly under Vector Linux because of permission, but runs long enough to achieve the injection of the new driver in the CUPS library, afterward let it crash without worrying about it (closing\terminating\killing all other firefox and terminal window that popups) (step 4)!

Steps to install the printer:
  • Download the Samsung Unified Printer driver for your printer from Samsung website:
    (Unified Driver Versione 2.00.97, Linux (MULTI LANGUAGE)
  • Unpack the archive and execute in a terminal the file autorun with root privileges
  • Installer may starts, follow the instructions until shows CUPS restarted (95 - 96%)
  • At this point the driver should be injected properly but the installer messed up the permission\owner of CUPS
  • So open a terminal > login as root (su) > paste the following commands to restore permission and owner:
    chown -hR root /usr/lib/cups/filter
    chown -hR root /usr/lib/cups/backend
    chgrp -hR root /usr/lib/cups/filter
    chgrp -hR root /usr/lib/cups/backend
  • Now open CUPS interface or open a browser to localhost : 631
  • Home > Adding Printers and Classes > Add Printer
  • And follow your needs, the name of the printer now should be listed!

My printer is shared from another PC that run WinXP, so I select Windows Printer via SAMBA, then I put the path (go in WinXP machine and edit the shared printer name and make it with no space or - or strange symbol, only AZaz09 and underscore _ ). In my case smb://

Notice that SamsungConfigurator on desktop now list your printer too.
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Thank you for that detailed and useful report. We'll see about getting the cups package fixed.  :)


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