Author Topic: New installation problem with kernel module and keyboard locking up  (Read 4522 times)


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This is a new installation I tried and without really knowing why, I chose vlocity.

I've never tried slackware before, my experience has been mostly debian and arch based.  The exception has been void which I adopted to pretty quickly.  A friend who customizes devuan installers pointed me to VL.  I can tolerate working with xfce for a little while but I use openbox heavily.  It seems as openbox hasn't been ported fully here so I had some rough going at the start.

Then I tried to get a fresher kernel to run with, I have used 4.14 and 4.15 on other systems, even with this old box that is nearing a decade of hard use.  It never worked, so I thought maybe it is missing one of the module pkgs to be fully installed, and so I tried the 4.05 stuff.  The next try it became rough going and it would get stuck at the splash screen, so I switched to tui and it would boot up fine, without a problem, but at the login prompt at the console there was nothing I could do.  Then on one of the tries to see if grub was messed up, I noticed that from grub if I put the capslock on and numlock on, half way through the boot process they would go off and stay off.  So the problem is no keyboard.  So how do I chroot and fix this?
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Re: New installation problem with kernel module and keyboard locking up
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Welcome to VL!

Afraid I can't be much help.  Did you try to install VL64 standard 7.1 or instead VL64 standard 7.2?

I played around with 7.2 standard over the weekend and it installed fine in my Lenovo T61, but, though it loaded fine and looked very VL like after loading, none of the programs would load.  I tried downloading the iso to another computer and saving it from that computer, but it did the same thing.  I tried to dd it to a usb stick but could not get that to work, probably because I am not very comfortable with dd.

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