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Author Topic: How to boot other Linuxes and BSD (PC-BSD)  (Read 3782 times)


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How to boot other Linuxes and BSD (PC-BSD)
« on: March 04, 2007, 05:05:46 pm »

Yes it's true, you can boot most linux systems and PC-BSD together without using GAG or some other unusual bootloader.

VectorLinux 5.8 SOHO beta 1 includes GRUB version 0.97-i586-2VL58, an amazing piece of work that not only recognizes
PC-BSD and Linux distributions; it also boots them.

Simply install your PC-BSD bootloader and then install all of your linux distros in their partition and lastly install
VectorLinux 5.8 SOHO beta 1 in the last partition and when the installer asks which bootloader choose GRUB.
Install to a formatted floppy(oh yes--those funny looking archaic things)

Reboot with floppy in select your choice (three guesses what that will be?)