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Author Topic: VectorLinux 7.2 Alpha Build - TESTERS NEEDED!  (Read 184 times)


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VectorLinux 7.2 Alpha Build - TESTERS NEEDED!
« on: October 06, 2015, 08:35:59 am »

We have started work on the 7.2 development series.  The first alpha build is ready for installation and testing.  Please download and test.

About this build.

  • ALPHA BUILD 0 (expect lots of things to be broken)
  • The package definitions on the ISO generator have been cleaned up to get rid of old outdated clutter on the image.  This may contribute to the lots of things being broken, but will result in a sharp, clean, and bloat-free installation.
  • Has the kernel 4.1 series (4.1.10 included in this build)
  • DOES NOT include lilo.  The installer will still offer it, for now, but installation WILL FAIL if you select it.

How to test.

  • Download and install the image you wish to test
  • Try out the different apps included in the default installation
  • Report any issues you run into.  We would appreciate all the information you can give us on your report.  If the app fails to launch from the menu, open a terminal and run it from there.  Post any error message you get.
  • If the output indicates an unmet dependency to make the application work, let us know which dependency we missed so it can be addressed.

We are looking for as wide a range of testers as possible.  All kinds of hardware setups.

Targeted test areas

We are especially interested in testing results on the following areas.
  • Audio / Video output
  • Printing
  • General hardware compatibility

Here are the links to the ISO images.

32-bit image

64-bit image

You may post COMMENTS ONLY here, but actual bug reports we want them at the bitbucket bug tracker.


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