Author Topic: Linksys WPC54G (BCM4360 (rev 02)) [SOLVED]  (Read 6165 times)


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Linksys WPC54G (BCM4360 (rev 02)) [SOLVED]
« on: May 13, 2007, 06:22:18 pm »

I have been having trouble with my Linksys wireless PCMCIA card.  I used the instruction post provided in the FAQ section and it was a great help,  I found that my card with ndiswrapper did not like the command "iwconfig eth1 mode Master"  it would work intermittently but once I removed the command I have not had one problem.

Here is my code, I inserted it into the rc.local file.

ifconfig eth1 up
iwconfig eth1 essid MyESSID
iwconfig eth1 nick "Broadcom 4360 (rev 02)"
iwconfig eth1 channel 1
iwconfig eth1 ap 00:14:BF:7C:B6:55
iwconfig eth1 key [1] 91A93D7C0A
iwconfig eth1
dhcpcd -t 25 -d eth1

One question there was only one instance where my card was bound to wlan0 all other cases it would bind to eth1, is there any significance to this binding?

Thanks for the great distro, it is running on my iSeries 1300 with only 120 MB of ram.