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Author Topic: Insane keyboard rreeeeppppeeeeeaaat rate won't change....  (Read 2075 times)


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Insane keyboard rreeeeppppeeeeeaaat rate won't change....
« on: May 28, 2007, 06:25:41 pm »

Hi all:

New to Vector here; think it's pretty slick....

But haven't got past square 1 because of the following problem:

The keyboard repeat rate.

I just fresh-loaded Vector 5.8 on an oldish K6-II 500MHz box with 128MB RAM.  I immediately noticed that the keyboard repeat function was WAY too sensitive.  As in, you can barely type your username without repeating all the letters 47 times--never mind passwords. 

"No problem," said I, "I'll just mosey over to this Keyboard Settings dialog and change things the way I want them."  Accordingly, I cranked the Delay all the way up and the repeat rate all the way down.

No effect.  This is bad :(

I have tried several different keyboards, rebooted repeatedly, and looked at the BIOS for some way to change this in the firmware, which there isn't.  I have tried manually adjusting the Typematic rate with
Code: [Select]
xset r rate 195 35/[code]  Also, I have booted this same box into a Puppy live CD with no such keyboard-repeat difficulties.  The only solution I have found is to turn off repeat entirely, which is not acceptable for day-to-day use.

Problem doesn't show up in a console login, only in X.

Any ideas would be appreciated.  I really like Vector.

Thanks in advance,



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Re: Insane keyboard rreeeeppppeeeeeaaat rate won't change....
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2008, 07:10:54 pm »

Hi how did you fix that ? I have the same problem. cannot type anything, it just repeats all the characters and this is driving me nuts.  I have installed 5.9. 

anyone has any idea how to fix that ?