Author Topic: Console games or What do you like to play on your emulator  (Read 14280 times)


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Hey guys, since i packaged all these emus for vector:

Decided to open a thread about console gaming.I love console games more than pc games. Grew up with them,still love them...

Lets talk about the games we love to play on our emus,or games that are still in our roms collection,because we have good memories from them...

Please,provide a screenshot(s) or link to screenshot(s) to the game you talk about...and no direct rom image links (hint: google is your friend) :-*
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Re: Console games or What do you like to play on your emulator
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2007, 08:41:46 am »
Here are some of the GBA games I play for the moment.

Baldur's Gate

and need for speed underground 2

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Re: Console games or What do you like to play on your emulator
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2007, 11:43:56 am »
Gba games that MUST be played- they are just so awesome!

Zelda the minish cap
very fun game (original too)

I absolutelly got hooked on it,while i wasnt a big zelda fan at the time.This is the game that got me into it.

Yoshi's island:

This one is really a classic.The one mario game that i had the most fun with. Its gaming system is pretty challenging.Some of the latest leves are abit hard when you don't save with ctrl+1-9...the game is very pretty and its not a game for small children.Definatelly very challenging even for an advanced mario gamer.


Super wario land

This one is another interesting title worth checking.What makes nintendo so good is innovation in gameplay and this game has it in big ammounts.It has some nice humor there and surprises on every corner:



Good fun & solid gameplay (don't forget innovative)

Fresh take on a stale genre (most GB platformers at the time were, besides Metroid, were dissapointing to some extent)

Fun level design & adorable enemies!!!

Interesting Mini-Games teaching good morals!

A) Chucking bombs at cute enemies is ok!
B) Gambling is very risky!

Also secret levels and treasure to unlock!

Metroid - zero mission

This one reminds me of castlevania somehow.It has a very solid thrilling sci fi story backing it up, the gameplay never gets boring.Metroid can do so many things ,switch weapons,absorb enemies, destroy parts of the level using a different techinque depending ot the area, manyu secret paths and parts in the game, after killing ever boss the player acjquires a new technique..if i tell you the number of bosses,you will ask how it is possible for a single game character to do so many things. There are levels that put you in a pretty dissadvantaging position and you must stealth around enemies and avoid them,while they are looking for you,you are crawling in the ventilation system (abe's oddisey?) ... ahh,there is too much to be said. If you are a fan of sta trek or even if you are not- this is a great platformer.Whoever never played it,missed everything.

btw,there is a secret tunel under the statue you see on the screenshot.morph metroid into a ball and set a bomd at the end of the tunel under the statue.This will open a way for some extra stuff..



write some and i will write some more (i have alot of games in the bag)  :P
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Re: Console games or What do you like to play on your emulator
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2007, 08:36:04 am »
Well, my NES still works, so I don't have to settle for an emulator. Most games just don't feel right on the emulator. Mike Tyson's Punch Out, unquestionably the greatest boxing video game of all time, is in my NES right now. As football season approaches, I'll certainly want to relive the 1991 season yet again on Tecmo Super Bowl. Ice Hockey provides endless multiplayer excitement, and never gets old. I might even play some of the original Metroid this summer. I'm sure newer Metroid games are more polished, but I like the original best. I'm also a huge fan of the Mega Man series. The very first two are the best. I only have MM2 for my NES, but I'm perusing eBay for MM1 or MM3.

Another dark "horse" game that can entertain 4 people endlessly, try M.U.L.E. It was originally released for Atari, but it's also available for the NES. It seems ridiculous at first, but it's actually a brilliant economic simulation game that makes for great moments. Each player gets land on the planet Irata, and then decides which resources to produce on the land. After every round, the players participate in an auction to trade resources with each other. If you produce all the food, and have enough cash, you can be a jerk and buy out all the food and let it rot so that you can make more money on the next turn. The only real goal is for the colony to make a lot of money, but naturally, anybody playing wants to make more money than the other players. The dynamic of being half cooperation and half competition makes for greater multiplayer moments than most any other game I've played.