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070529 - kuftp
« on: May 29, 2007, 12:42:31 pm »
blurymind has built and packaged kuftp, an FTP client for KDE. It is in the testing repository:

Code: [Select]
kuftp: kuftp ( KuFtp is a graphical FTP client for the KDE. )
kuftp: It implements many features required for usable FTP interaction. Most
kuftp: notable features is Tab Sessions like Konqueror or Firefox, that
kuftp: is,you can have multiple simultaneous FTP session in separate tabs.
kuftp: Other features like bookmark manager,history recording,queue manager
kuftp: and others.
kuftp: Author: Jiang JingJing
kuftp: Website:
kuftp: License: GPL

Report any issues with this package in this thread.