Author Topic: Installing VL-STD as dedicated router+firewall?  (Read 4523 times)


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Installing VL-STD as dedicated router+firewall?
« on: June 01, 2007, 11:13:26 am »
Best way to install VL-STD GOLD v5.8 as a dedicated router+firewall?
Dedicated PC has 200MHz CPU, 128MB RAM, 2GB hdd, and two NICs. 

SLAX works fine on this PC with pkgs listed at, so VL-STD 5.8 GOLD should install fine.
SSH of course, but NO X (!) on this dedicated PC, nor all the other typical SLAX or VL applications here either.  Bad waste of resources.

What about VASM and vleasytables for this firewall?
Some good ncurses lightweight firewall-config and related apps for this VL-STD?
How about best performance by using hda partitioning something like
<swap>=2xRAM (256MB)

Someone wrote on a VL forum:
if you want a full-featured graphical interface to iptables to easily manege your firewall rules you could try using GuardDog, Firestarter or IPCop:
yes, but already have VL 5.8 GOLD.iso CD successfully used to install on two desktop PCs (very nice and fast!), so just wish to reuse this CD for such a dedicated router+firewall.  The small LAN on the Router+firewall would have maximum of 3-4 other PCs using network resources at the exact same time through the router+firewall (typical would be just 1-2 only for immediate future).  Will eventually expand upwards on the number of network devices connected to ports on the switch, and then connect more routers and switches for more LAN segments.

How best to do this router+firewall install with VL-STD 5.8 GOLD?


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Re: Installing VL-STD as dedicated router+firewall?
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2007, 06:54:25 pm »
May I suggest another distro for example Smoothwall,monowall or freesco. These are
hardened distro's built with what you have in mind. I like smoothwall on the machine
specs you have listed. Freesco on 166 and lower.

VL is not built for this type of service although I am sure someone has used it
in this fashion.