Author Topic: cpufreq on Dell inspiron 3800  (Read 5462 times)


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cpufreq on Dell inspiron 3800
« on: June 03, 2007, 12:29:11 pm »
I can't get cpufreq to work on my dell.  Has anyone got any ideas about this?   I ran speedstep-detect and it gives me the following report:

dmi_scan: return:
DMI 2.3 present.
58 structures occupying 2235 bytes.
DMI table at 0x000F6D60.
BIOS Vendor: Dell Computer Corporation
BIOS Version: A17
BIOS Release: 03/05/2003
System Vendor: Dell Computer Corporation
Product Name: Inspiron 3800   G800GT
Board Vendor: Dell Computer Corporation
Board Name: Inspiron 3800   G800GT
Board Version:
Trying Intel's int15 GSIC:
BIOS DO NOT support GSIC call.  Dumping registers anyway:
eax = 0x00000000
ebx = 0x00000000
ecx = 0x00000000
edx = 0x00000101
Note also that some BIOS do not support the initial GSIC call, but the newer
speeedstep-smi driver may work.
For this, you need to pass some arguments to the speedstep-smi driver:
        smi_cmd=0x?? smi_port=0x?? smi_sig=1

Unfortunately, you have to know what exactly are smi_cmd and smi_port, and this
is system dependant.  Please look at http://??? for more information.

probing chipsets: Found PIIX4
  pmbase at 0x0800
Dumping PM IO register for this southbridge:
PMCNTRL (0x0804): 0x1403
(0x0806):         0x0000
GPEN (0x080e):    0x0200
PCNTRL (0x0810):  0x00003202
(0x0816):         0x0000
DEVSTS (0x081c):  0x00000000
GLBLEN (0x0820):  0x0400
(0x0822):         0x00000000
GLBCTL (0x0828):  0x02010005
DEVCTL (0x082c):  0x00200000
GPIs: (0x0830):   0x24610b
(0x0833):         0x00
GPOs: (0x0834):   0x18080817
(0x0838):         0x0b 0x61 0x24 0x00 0x17 0x08 0x08 0x18

You need to boot on AC and battery and see if GPOs change.
Then, see if one bit change in between, you have then to note the number
of this bit.  This will be the gpo_hilo= number kernel option for
enabling the speedstep-piix4 module under Linux.
        GPOs: (0x0834):   0x18080817  00011000000010000000100000010111


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Re: cpufreq on Dell inspiron 3800
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2007, 08:09:20 pm »
my computer is dell 2650,I can't install vector,
hangs here "loading iscsi transport class..."