Author Topic: VL 5.8 Standard Live bugs/annoyances  (Read 4304 times)


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VL 5.8 Standard Live bugs/annoyances
« on: June 18, 2007, 09:44:48 am »
I have found two annoyances.

When I shutdown the LiveCD session, the final activity of the computer is to open the CD tray. With the CD tray still open, the computer turns off, leaving the tray in an open position and subject to damage. To get the tray closed, the operator has to power on the computer again. Typically for a LiveCD, at the end of the shutdown, the tray comes open and the operator is prompted to remove the CD then press Enter. Pressing Enter causes the tray to close and then the computer shuts down without further operator action.

VL 5.8 LiveCD did not detect a Davicom DM9009AF network card. I ran VASM, and the card still wasn't detected. The annoyance is that VL doesnt tell me that the card isn't working. For example, VASM might say network configuration "Failed" when the network connection can't be configured or established.

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