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Computer parts & pieces for the asking
« on: October 31, 2007, 09:36:17 pm »
to be given away. I'll even post them , if the cost isn't too much.
Data Tech PCI ide hard drive controller.
AMI-CA52/CW52+ PCI modem
EHK (Winbond) ISA card. Parallel port card.
USRobotics modem
Packard Bell Midi/Game + sound card combination
ONSPEED video card - AGP (Trident 3D Image9750)
ATI 3D Rage II + DVD PCI card.
Diamond Multimedia  AGP video card
ELSA video card (from a Compaq computer) labelled "GLoria Synergy + Compaq"
Diamond Multimedia SpeedSTAR  ISA video card
SOUNDBLASTER ISA card model CT4170.
Almost all of these are circa 1998. Some older, Maybe one or two newer, but not much. :o
I even have a few PC100 32 and 64 meg RAM cards.
If you want more info on any one, ask.
If you are interested in acquiring one or more, post me a personal message.
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