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Author Topic: Lisa daemon not running. How can I start it ?  (Read 4208 times)


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Lisa daemon not running. How can I start it ?
« on: June 17, 2007, 01:10:29 pm »

Hi all

I have a small network, with four machines on a four-ports router. Three are under
windows (wife and kids not yet touched by civilization, alas >:(  ), and the fourth one
(mine) under VL5.8SOHO-final  8) 

I have a printer connected to my machine (it works locally OK). So I want to print
from the three other computers (and exchange files too).  As a first step, It works
if I boot my machine under windows 2000 (dual boot), which establishes that there
are no problem due to firewalls under windows, and that the hardware works perfect.

But I could not print from any of the three machines under windows if my computer is
under VL. And I desperately want to be free from windows as soon as possible !

I tried the following:

From my machine under VL, I can ping all the three other (I obtained their IP adresses
simply reading the DHCP files in the router).

I can see their directories by typing in Konqueror  smb://their_IP_adress, for
example: smb:// and even browse in them if they are shared.

Now, if under Konqueror, I click on "services" in the left half of the browser, and then
click on  "network browse" (I translate back brom french, could be slightly different
in english), I got the  message that the Lisa daemon is not running.

I localized lisa in /opt/kde/bin/lisa, but if I try to start it by hand in console as
root, I get:

root:# /opt/kde/bin/lisa
configfile not found
use the command line option --help and
take a look at the README for more information

I googled "configfile not found": some file named "lisarc" should be present, but
I could not find it in my computer.

Does somebody know:
1) how to manage to have Lisa running (BTW: is it necessary to print ?). Do I have to
create a "lisarc" file ? etc...
2) If Lisa is necessary, how to have it started automatically at boot ?

old P3@700 MHz, VL5.8SOHO-final



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Re: Lisa daemon not running. How can I start it ?
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2007, 02:34:43 pm »

BTW: is it necessary to print ?

No it is not necessary to print.

Setup samba and then add the printers share.

You can search the forum or google slackware simple samba.




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Re: Lisa daemon not running. How can I start it ?
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2007, 11:47:08 pm »

Thank you bigpaws, I'll try.