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Author Topic: 070627 - vl-hot 1.0.4 in 5.8 patches repo  (Read 1389 times)


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070627 - vl-hot 1.0.4 in 5.8 patches repo
« on: June 27, 2007, 01:19:25 pm »
This one finally fixes the "fix" for FAT12 mounting.
vl-hot: vl-hot (udev-based external block device automounting system)
vl-hot: vl-hot is a new udev-based external block device automounting system
vl-hot: developed for Vector Linux SOHO 5.1, to replace the previous buggy
vl-hot: hotplug-based usb-mount scripts. VL-Hot should handle all external
vl-hot: block devices that use scsi emulation (USB, Firewire, PCCard, etc).
vl-hot: Now with GUI vl-hot-config.
vl-hot: Joe1962 <>
vl-hot: GNU LIBRARY GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2, June 1991
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