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Author Topic: gslapt question  (Read 1223 times)


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gslapt question
« on: July 04, 2007, 06:40:01 am »
I'd edited my fstab to automount my Mepis /home directory since I have a bunch of music and such there that I want to access. Now I'm getting this from gslapt ...root:# slapt-get --update
Failed to build working directory [/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages]
/home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages: No such file or directory
My pertinent fstab entries follow...
# The Linux partitions
/dev/hdb1 / ext3  defaults  0  1
/dev/hda4 /home ext3 defaults,users,rw 0 1

/dev/cdrom1   /mnt/cdrom1   iso9660      users,noauto,ro
/dev/cdrom   /mnt/cdrom   iso9660      users,noauto,ro
/dev/cdwriter   /mnt/cdwriter   iso9660      users,noauto,ro
/dev/dvd   /mnt/dvd   iso9660      users,noauto,ro

# proc file system:
proc   /proc   proc   defaults   0 0

# Unix98 devpts filesystem:
none  /dev/pts  devpts  gid=5,mode=666  0 0

# Shared memory filesystem:
tmpfs   /dev/shm    tmpfs defaults 0  0

# Basic USB filesystem
sysfs  /sys  sysfs  defaults  0 0

# Swap partitions
# The 'sw' option means auto activating with 'swapon -a'.
/dev/hda5   none   swap   sw   0  0

Reckon what I need to change to make things work properly?
Thanks in advance!

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Re: gslapt question
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2007, 06:48:53 am »
you could try creating /home/ftp/pub/veclinux/packages manually, see if that fixes things... if you have a backup of the vector /home you could also try to put it back from there.
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Re: gslapt question
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2007, 07:04:40 am »
Thanks for the super-quick answer! What I've done so far is just to hash the hda4 entry. Perhaps a symlink? I don't know how or I'd give that a try.