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Author Topic: 070707 - Aspell-it and Aspell-sv  (Read 1123 times)


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070707 - Aspell-it and Aspell-sv
« on: July 07, 2007, 09:40:48 am »
caitlyn has packaged Italian and Sweedish Aspell dictionaries, both are in the testing repository:


Code: [Select]
aspell-it: aspell-it (GNU Aspell 0.60 Italian [Italiano] Dictionary Package)
aspell-it: This is the Italian dictionary for Aspell.  It requires Aspell
aspell-it: version 0.60 or better.
aspell-it: Maintained By:
aspell-it: Davide Prina <davideprina at yahoo dot com>
aspell-it: Original Word List Also By:
aspell-it: Gianluca Turconi <luctur at comeg dot it>
aspell-it: WEBSITE:
aspell-it: LICENSE: GNU General Public License, version 2


Code: [Select]
aspell-sv: aspell-sv (GNU Aspell Swedish Word List Package)
aspell-sv: This is the Aspell word list for Swedish.
aspell-sv: Original Word List By:
aspell-sv: Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group (bestyrelsen at sslug dk)
aspell-sv: Jacob Sparre Andersen (sparre at sslug dk)
aspell-sv: Martin Norbäck (d95mback at dtek chalmers se)
aspell-sv: Copyright Terms: LGPL (see the file Copyright for the exact terms)
aspell-sv: Wordlist URL:

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