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Author Topic: 070721 SeaMonkey 1.1.3 now in the testing repo  (Read 2148 times)


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070721 SeaMonkey 1.1.3 now in the testing repo
« on: July 21, 2007, 05:10:11 pm »


This is a security/bugfix update.

release notes:

(One interesting patch that made it in is bug 380558: "Some event waiting in PSM make the CPU wake from idle with no reason"  Mike Hommey notes that this should improve laptop battery life in GNU/Linux.)

built in a clean chroot VL Standard Gold 5.8 environment

seamonkey: SeaMonkey (an open-source web browser suite)
seamonkey: The SeaMonkey browser suite.  SeaMonkey features a state-of-the-art
seamonkey: web browser and powerful email client, as well as a WYSIWYG web page
seamonkey: composer and a feature-rich IRC chat client. For web
seamonkey: developers,'s DOM inspector and JavaScript debugger tools
seamonkey: are included as well.
seamonkey: Visit the SeaMonkey project at this URL:

configure options (from slackbuild):

Code: [Select]
./configure --prefix=/opt/seamonkey \
  --enable-optimize="-O2 -march=i586 -mtune=i686" \
  --disable-debug \
  --enable-elf-dynstr-gc \
  --with-default-mozilla-five-home=/opt/seamonkey/lib/seamonkey-${VERSION} \
  --enable-strip \
  --enable-strip-libs \
  --disable-tests \
  --enable-svg \
  --enable-canvas \
  --disable-freetype2 \
  --enable-svg-renderer-cairo \
  --enable-pango \
  --enable-ctl \
  --disable-short-wchar \
  --enable-nspr-autoconf \
  --enable-ldap \
  --enable-extensions=default,irc \
  --enable-crypto \
  --disable-xprint \
  --disable-gnomeui \
  --disable-gnomevfs \
  --disable-installer \
  --with-system-nspr \
  --with-system-nss \
  --with-system-zlib \
  --with-system-jpeg \
  --with-system-png \
  --with-system-mng \
  --with-system-cairo \
  --with-java-include-path=/usr/include \
  --with-java-bin-path=/usr/bin \
  --enable-default-toolkit=gtk2 \
  --enable-application=suite \
  --enable-xft \
  --disable-activex \
  --disable-activex-scripting \
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