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Other Slack Based Distros Inet Connect.
« on: July 30, 2007, 01:16:38 am »
I have as of late tested 4 skackware based distros, Zenwalk, Goblinx, absolute and Slax. With none was I able to connect to the Internet. I did report it in some of those forums with no answers.
In slackware I had this problem after I changed the ethcard and all I neded was to modprobe dmfe and rmmod tulip. The same was the case when I switched to VL-5.8 which I reported at that time.

On those 4 distros I tried various tricks I know to no avail exept for slax where on some occations I was able to connect doing some rather odd things first and can't repeat it every time.

With knoppix, DSL and Fedora4 there is no such problem so it must be something odd specificly to slackware

I just thought to let you know and to tell how much I love VL which has such few kinks.

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