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070802 - Aspell Sq
« on: August 02, 2007, 02:51:31 pm »
exererdad has packaged the Albanian Aspell dictionary(sq). It can be found in the testing repository and it shares the same master source build script as previously built dictionaries:

Master Source:

Code: [Select]
aspell-sq: aspell-sq (GNU Aspell Albanian Word List Package)
aspell-sq: Version 0.50-0
aspell-sq: 2004-08-09.
aspell-sq: by Adi Zaimi.
aspell-sq: Copyright Terms: GPL (see the file Copyright for the exact terms).
aspell-sq: .
aspell-sq: This is the Aspell word list for Albanian..
aspell-sq: .
aspell-sq: If Aspell is installed and aspell and word-list-compress are all.
aspell-sq: in the path first do a:.

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