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070808 - Ratmen
« on: August 08, 2007, 01:28:48 pm »
kidd packaged Ratmen (a menu system for ratpoison) for VL 5.8. It is currently in testing:


Code: [Select]
ratmen: ratmen is a simple program for displaying a menu in a window.
ratmen: On selection it may either run a program or simply write something on standard
ratmen: out. It is inspired by, and is similar in function to, 9menu and ratmenu but is
ratmen: muchly improved. It includes: user settings in X resources, long and short
ratmen: option names (using getopts), scrollable menus (if they do not fit on screen),
ratmen: both mouse and keyboard support, exiting on unfocus and a decent manpage.
ratmen: Website:
ratmen: Author: Zrajm (

Post any comments for this package here.