Author Topic: Vector SOHO in VMWorkstation VM  (Read 3566 times)


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Vector SOHO in VMWorkstation VM
« on: September 17, 2007, 02:00:14 am »
Very new to Linux: stinking fresh in fact
Really over M$
Testing some distros
Aint no pro: dumb end user.

I have just managed to get Vector SOHO up and running in VMWare.

_cough_ had to read about a bit to avoid the xorg issue with install

Anyway persisted and pleased: rocketship performance.
Really like the feel.
ummm just small screen !! heh

So: having read here: re similar issues

You just need to NOT do the video autosetup during install, then boot to TUI and copy the vesa xorg config to xorg.conf.

Ok: the "boot to tui' edit xorg config stuff is beyond me

I've installed vmtools before: Extract to desktop; In root, cd to vmware tools distrib; run the get the installer running: acchh: stuck

and I dont now how to resolve this; install gets to the "before running VMWare tools for the first need to configure...[yes]

then get a message in XTerminal run:
unable to create symlink "/etc/pam.d/vmware-guestd" pointing to file "usr/lib/vmware-tools/configurator/pam.d/vmware-guestd"
Execution aborted.

It's prolly something I've done wrong  :P

So" how to get my video going and vmware tools going
Sorry if this is rank amateur Q; i'll get there I hope.

 sorry: PS I've got a screeny to send if it would help.
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Re: Vector SOHO in VMWorkstation VM
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2007, 04:58:53 am »
Ah, you must have vmware 6, I just ran into the same issue. This did not happen in 5.something (forgot the version). Solution is simple, create an empty directory called pam.d inside /etc, before running the tools installer.

While you're at it, create 2 empty files called network and networking inside /etc/rc.d/init.d if you want the vmxnet fast network driver to build (you'll hit this problem after you pass the pam.d hurdle and this was also in the previous version). However, it's only fair to warn you that after I got it built and installed, I've had some problems though I only did that last night and in 5.8.6RC2, so can't say for sure. Anyway, without vmxnet, networking has always worked fine for me.

EDIT: A few days ago I moved my VL 5.8 Standard vm to vmware 6 and I ended up downgrading to the vmware 5.something tools as I got much better video resolutions support with it than with the version 6 tools. For example, if I set 1280x800 as top res, it will reboot and come up with 1200x1024 instead. Anybody else have a similar experience?
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Re: Vector SOHO in VMWorkstation VM
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2007, 07:06:07 am »
OK so: did as advised with the pam.d folder thanks
Screen res now fixed
mouse doing its' thing in and out of VM (Yes sorry vmws6 latest build.)
All good

had to leave the box running for 2 hours, when I got back total freeze  :o
Mouse cursor moving but no response to L or R clicks: cursor jumping to edge of vm active window with clicking. Nil else. No response to keyboard short cuts

Req hard reboot: home fine, restart VM " KDe file system failed unexpectedly"
( as opposed to expected ?  ;) )

Messages confusing: vmware tools out of date , and , vmware tools not installed.
No icons on desktop

>root> reinstalled tools and all good again

Obviously not specifically a Vector issue; just pita
This happened before with another distro; some problem somewhere.
Be happy not to have the tools but need the screen res up a bit form native install without tools

How do i get the xorg config thingy set up after install in VM ?
Any walk through for VMWare or VBox (not emotionally attached to either)?  :)

this is a cool distro: has what i need
Getting closer to getting off the M$ conveyer belt.
I do have one older database and accounting app that will only run in Windoze and it is mission critical.