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Lightscribe - To whom it may concern
« on: July 21, 2007, 11:13:15 am »
Namaste :)= to all you good people outa there,
the godness of good faith and computer gimmicks has smiled on me and allowed to lay my hand on a device being capable of burning not only CD and DVD but also knowing the magic of Ligthscribe  :D
This is a technology allowing direct disc labeling, invented by HP.
In this case it was an external burner LG GSA-E40N with USB 2.0 interface.
To use of the Lightscribe cababillities you need a labeling software. I found out (praised be ), that you can pick between 2 applications for this purpose (the device came with Nero for Windoof, which has integrated a Label Editor).
You can get SimpleLabelCreator directly from Ligthscribe This allows a very simple layout for labels. The other one is the LaCie LightScribe Labeler, which is also fairly simple but did serve me personally better.
Both applications consist from a driver and the application itselve, packed as rpm-packages. I downloaded them to a directory, opened a command line as root and converted the rpm's with rpm2tgz (it is in the Vector repository) to tgz. The next step was to install them with installpkg ... ! Be carefull to install the driver FIRST and second the application! Warnings during install can be ignored.
Update: You can also use Midnight Commander for this. Start MC as Root, highlight the file and press "F2"! (Thanks to GrannyGeek, I did not know this before)
Now you can start the application in cl by 4L-gui (the second character is CAPITAL!) or SimpleLabeler and here we go.
With this particular burner it took 12 minutes a etch a nice silk label on the CD's topside (full back, normal resolution, with high resolution it is approximately 16). You can use the most common graphic files and scale them for full background or just as a centred sphere on the CD/DVD.
The disc looking really proffesional and tough compared with my previous Eding-smears before, and it is just a burn, turn, burn procedure. Label printing on sticky labels or directly to the CD surface with a specific equipped printer takes similar effords and time.
10 LightScribe disks (you can not use any out-of-the-shelve-no-name-WalMart-disk) have cost me 6.- €, which I regard as fair. Discount or cheaper sources should be available. A brand new internal burner does cost me not more than 39,- € at my favorite comp-shop at the corner, so I thing I will upgrade my box to this soon  ;D

Disclaimer: I am by no means affiliated with HP, LightScribe, LG, Nero or LaCie or any other company or brand named above and have no commercial interest in this tecnology. I just wanted to let everbody know about the succesfull attemp to use this technology under Linux.
It has been tested on an IBM Thinkpad R32, running Windoof XP and Xandros Linux Open Circulation and my Workstation with AMD Athlon XP2200+ running Vector Standard 5.8

Nice weekend,
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Re: Lightscribe - To whom it may concern
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2007, 04:28:50 am »
I've been dying to get my litescribe working on linux.  But haven't bothered as I have a few hundred non-litescribe DVD's to use up first.

Glad to see you have it working.  I've never actually seen the results of how it looks.  I'm sure it's magical.  :)


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Re: Lightscribe - To whom it may concern
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2007, 01:52:37 pm »
Glad to read the rpm2tgz-route will work.
When I'm back from W.O.A.( ) I'll get myself to install the new drive and the software.
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Re: Lightscribe - To whom it may concern
« Reply #3 on: August 09, 2007, 09:17:14 am »
This for this info... works great ;)