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Author Topic: 070826 - Devede  (Read 1148 times)


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070826 - Devede
« on: August 25, 2007, 04:20:44 pm »
hanumizzle has packaged Devede for VL 5.8, and it can be downloaded from the testing repository.


Code: [Select]
devede: devede 3.01
devede: DeVeDe is a program that allows you to create a video DVD from an MPEG
devede: AVI, MOV... video file, suitable for home DVD players.
devede: BUILD_DATE: Thu Aug 23 02:47:55 EST 2007
devede: PACKAGER: hanumizzle
devede: HOST: Linux i686
devede: DISTRO: Vector Linux 5.8 Standard   12-16-2006

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Re: 070826 - Devede
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2007, 09:14:11 am »
I just installed it and made a video dvd. It run just fine.
The only note is that starting the program from the command line returns the message:
Psyco is not installed. Devede will just run slower.
Did not find the package through gslapt.
I googled around and I found:
"Psyco is a Python extension module which can massively speed up the execution of any Python code."
I installed it from sources, it is quite easy, and the speed of the program increased dramatically.
May be it would be worth to put Psyco as a dependency of Devede?


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