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Author Topic: 070902 - Gambas2 IDE and Gambas2 Runtime  (Read 1606 times)


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070902 - Gambas2 IDE and Gambas2 Runtime
« on: September 01, 2007, 06:23:50 pm »

The latest release of the Gambas development branch can be found in the unstable repos. These packages are for VL 5.8, and include support for Mysql, SqLite (2 and 3), PostgreSQL, ODBC and KDE, amongst other features (see the build script for all the enabled options).

Master Source:


Code: [Select]
gambas2: Gambas 2 - BASIC IDE for Linux
gambas2: Gambas  is a free development environment based on a
gambas2: Basic interpreter with object extensions, a bit like
gambas2: Visual Basic (but it is NOT a clone !).
gambas2: Website:
gambas2: License: GNU General Public License, version 2


Code: [Select]
gambas2-runtime: Gambas 2 Runtime
gambas2-runtime: This package provides the runtime environment for
gambas2-runtime: Gambas 2, so that you can execute Gambas 2 apps
gambas2-runtime: without needing to have the IDE installed.
gambas2-runtime: Website:
gambas2-runtime: License: GNU General Public License, version 2

Post comments about these packages in this thread only.