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« on: September 18, 2007, 03:51:01 pm »
I don't have a wireless modem, so I've never had to look into this. But for what I intent I'm thinking about buying a wireless router. I've got the RaLink rt2500 chipset build into my lappy. It should work, it has done so in the past. But few distro's ship with the driver by default. Now I know the SerialMonkey provides excellent support.

I'm willing to participate, but this is going to take me some time to get to work. Specially as I don't have anything to connect to... as of yet...

Chicken and the egg. I'm weary to buy a wireless router because I don't have wireless, and I don't have wireless, because I cannot test my driver if I have nothing to connect to.

I'll be happy to help out, but I'm a bit pressed for time as I'm abroad a large portion of the next two weeks or so.

I can understand if you aren't able to build this driver. I know not everyone has this chipset. Again, I'm willing to help out. But I'm hoping someone here can pave the way for me a bit :-D Even a heads up would help me out a great deal ;-)

I made my third requested today. It feels a bit like cheating ;-) But it's for the greater benefit of the repo of course!

Again, if I can help (to get rid of this 'cheating' feeling), the next two weeks will be bugger. But I should be available from then on(?).