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« on: September 21, 2007, 10:56:12 pm »

I needed more space for VL which I had installed in my trial partition. So I decided to move VL to the partition of slackware which is larger and at the same time I enlarged my home partition for VL. The transfer went w/o a hitch and VL runs now in its new larger partition.

I then made a new install for slackware-11 and when completed I decided to upgrade to sw-12.0 using slackpkg. That took a while and when completed the job was badly done. slackware/x was not installed and the X11/R6 directory was moved to /X11/R6.back. The only window manager I could open were blackbox and wmaker. Kde and fluxbox complained about lack of some libs and cups could not be started again no libs.

When I tried to start slackpkg again it would not open saying it could not find gawk yet it was there. I removed slackpkg and gawk and installed them again, it did not help.

Back into VL I found pkgtools-tukaani_1.2.4. I installed it in sw and was really pleased on what this program offers and can do. With it I could install/upgrade /slackware/x and ../lib after which all window managers and cups run well in slackware-12.

Now I tried pkgtools-tukaani in VL and it works just great giving it access to the VL
repositories. Gslapt is surely a nice program, however, IMO pkgtools-tukaani offers more and is so easy to use. May be it is since I am a bid GUI challenged coming from a long DOS background.

One thing strange so in slackware-12, as well as in the latest slax and absolute-linux distros when trying to logout from a window maker I get a blank screen with only the pointer arrow showing and if I do not reboot fast with ctrl-alt-del the keyboard and may be more freezes. To avoid this I have to go to ctrl-alt-F2, halt or reboot from there or kill the window maker if I want to change to another one. Ctrl-alt-backspace does the same, that is will not kill X instead leads to freezing.

I wonder if others have this problem with the latest slackware.