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Author Topic: Smooth Cool Vector Theme for JWM 2.0.1  (Read 4019 times)


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Smooth Cool Vector Theme for JWM 2.0.1
« on: October 04, 2007, 12:26:23 pm »

I wanted to share the idea that JWM can be themed by editing the system.jwmrc file.  JWM is a very good window manager for legacy or limited resource boxes like mine but I just didn't like the default theme and wanted something Vectorish for my desktop.

Here are a pair of screenshots to demo the theme:


Note that I have a functional xfdesktop working with JWM (along with all the nifty icons that make Thunar look so good).  I will post a how to on that in this same category.

I changed the height from 36 to 30 in order to properly display the menu and show desktop buttons.   The menu height was changed to 20.  I then set the gtk/gtk2 themes to "smooth cool" and edited the visual styles section of the system.jwmrc as follows:

    <!-- Visual Styles -->





   <!-- Additional TrayStyle attribute: insert -->





The icons for the start button and show desktop button I scavenged from some taskbar images for icewm themes created for VL 5.1 standard.  The system.jwmrc may be freely edited to create a variety of color styles.

The buttons images can be found here:


edit the system.jwmrc in the following manner to add these images to the taskbar:

<!-- Additional tray attributes: autohide, width, border, layer, layout -->
   <Tray  x="0" y="-1" height="32">

    <!-- Additional TrayButton attribute: label -->
        <TrayButton label="" icon="~path/linux.png">root:1</TrayButton>

      <TrayButton label="" icon="~path/desktop.png">showdesktop</TrayButton>

You just have to fill in the pathname to the folder that contain the saved images.

I had fun with it and just wanted to share.

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