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VectorLinux Documentation
« on: September 30, 2007, 09:19:39 am »
[this is a repost of a document lost in the last database trim]

VectorLinux Documentation

Since version 5.1 of VectorLinux our VL specific documents are pre-loaded on each install with a desktop icon pointing to the documents at: file:///usr/doc/VLHelpCenter/index.html . These documents are also available online at: .Navigate to "VL Manuals" to find the primary, long documents which explain most aspects of VectorLinux.

The second best source of VL specific documentation will be our HOWTO Forum and FAQ Forum. We have also recently restarted a Wiki: , which although presently a work in progress, should see more additions in the near future.

As VL is based upon Slackware the Slackware manuals may also prove useful and are well worth reading: and .

Although specific to the Gentoo Linux distribution if you have a detailed problem that the folks at this forum cannot seem to solve you might want to check out the Gentoo HOWTO's as they are written by very knowledgable Linux gurus. You only need to be aware that you will have to get the software required as source code or a VL/Slackware package rather than using the Gentoo "emerge" packaging system. The HOWTO's are at

Online documentation for general Linux questions can be found at: . Online Linux commands in brief form are at: . Online Linux newbie resources at: .

Most public libraries now have numerous Linux textbooks. It matters very little if these are written for a specific distro other than VL because the basics of Linux commands and desktop environments are the same for every distro. If you prefer to purchase Linux texts I would consider anything by O'Reilly Press ( ) to be well worth its money. Many of their Linux books are also available second-hand from AbeBooks ( ).
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