Author Topic: Gslapt, software and repositories  (Read 18521 times)

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Re: Gslapt, software and repositories
« Reply #15 on: October 10, 2007, 12:28:47 am »
Quote everything is more clear...but it still seems very very difficult to me to get rid of non-standalone apps
Not all packages will comply to your personal wishes, that's what you get with every packages based distro. You can of course repackage everything with the exact options you want, but it will be a lot of work. Here's a short discussion on breaking down kde's bulk packages, and exeterdad brings up a way to build just the programs you want from them: . As you can see there, I'm sort of picky on what programs I want and don't want too.

As far as I can see you've wasted a lot of time on this already... you could've done something much more relaxing or useful than trying to tweak your system to "perfection", which will always fail because there is no such thing as the perfect install ( just one that comes closest to what you want ) . I stopped trying, I just accept the bloat of some bulk packages I just want a couple of packages from, and spend time on more important things (like my study). Sure, there's unused programs... but there's lots of stuff you never use on any OS.


so if i want to install an app from i need to install even all the dependencies of that app?
In the VL document regarding our packaging system (did you read it yet?) it states that yes, you can use most Slackware packages in VL, but they will not have the dependency tracking and auto dependency loading of slapt-get based VL packages, so yes, you will need to install its dependencies first or you will receive an error.

Actually, slacky packages DO have dependency info in them, as do some packages from (not sure if all have them now).
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Re: Gslapt, software and repositories
« Reply #16 on: October 10, 2007, 05:17:14 am »
Thanks The Headacher.  I forgot that the discussion took place in public part of the forum. So I didn't even think of linking it.
BTW...  (to whomever decides these things) I'm still up to the challenge/commitment of breaking down the KDE stuff.  But am worried about stepping on JohnB316's toes.