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Author Topic: USB problem solved  (Read 1464 times)


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USB problem solved
« on: October 20, 2007, 06:38:01 am »
I just wanted to post a quick message explaining how I got over a "hiccup" with USB. It's not anything clever, just a few words which might help someone who has a problem - which as I found is only an "apparent" problem, the USB still works but looks as though it has stopped automounting.

This applies to Vector SOHO but I suspect will apply to many other distros whether they use KDE or not.

If you re-name, move or otherwise tamper with the "Desktop" directory in your home directory, the automount software can't find where to put the USB drive icon - so it looks as though USB automount is broken when in fact it's working fine.

This message might be best in another forum, but I don't know which one. Anyone care to suggest the best place?