Author Topic: VL hangs during boot "going to multiuser GUI mode"  (Read 6285 times)


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VL hangs during boot "going to multiuser GUI mode"
« on: December 04, 2009, 10:05:36 am »
Hello all,
I've installed VL 6 lite as a virtual machine in virtualbox.  As a bulk I chose only the X11, and no packages during install.
After setting everything up (I configured ROOT and no other user), I booted the OS.
It loaded but went to a text interface.  I then installed kdebase with slapt-get.  I tried to install kdelibs but it told me it was already installed and up-to-date (I saw it install during the kdebase install).
I then rebooted the OS (I don't remember if I rebooted Linux or just "powered off" the machine in virtualbox) and restarted.
It started and then it hangs in "going to multiuser GUI mode" stage.  I tried it again and no luck.

Help please!



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Re: VL hangs during boot "going to multiuser GUI mode"
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2009, 09:28:29 am »
Just re-installed VL lite, made a few different install choices - it works.


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Re: VL hangs during boot "going to multiuser GUI mode"
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2010, 09:43:22 am »
I just finished installing "Vector Linux 6.0 Light" and ran into the same issue the first time around.  Since I've had various problems with Linux (other distros) and video cards, and considering the startup output message I got before the hang happened:

rc.x ==> going to multiuser GUI mode

... I figured this had something to do with some video settings for XServer.

On my first install, where the problem occured, I allowed the installation process to do "FULL-AUTO-PROBE" for XServer, instead of going through the VXCONF (xorg.conf setup).

On the second time around, where the problem no longer occured, I went through the XServer video config manually during the installation process and selected 16-bit color, just in-case my older video card didn't support 24-bit color.

I've successfully booted into the GUI version of Vector Linux now and everything looks great!  Simple, clean, and fast - exactly what I was looking for.

Nice work on the installation process - it made things easy and straightforward.

For anyone who needs to know, my video card is made by Pine and the model is "XP 3800 32MB SDRAM AGP VGA".

Specs Link

I can't find any other spec sheets on it since it's pretty old-school.

Thanks again!
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