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desktop icons
« on: November 02, 2007, 11:02:21 am »
Now I'm confused.  My machine has only one cd device.  It is a Writemaster DVD  RW.
My fstab contains 3 lines pertaining to this device, and they are:

/dev/cdrom mnt/cdrom iso9660 users, noauto, ro
/dev/cdwriter mnt/cdwriter iso9660 defaults, noauto, ro, user,  0  0

now i have to assume that the above lines pertain to the same physical device.  Right????

now my problem:  I have three disk icons on my desktop which are labeled:
#1.  CD-ROM Device
#2.  CD-ROM Device_1
#3.  CD Recorder (C...

My question:  Do I need all three icon on my desk top, and if not, how do I get rid of them.
I can't just right click on them and then click on "delete".  Yes I'm a frustrated ex-windows user.

thanks much

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