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Author Topic: [SOLVED]How to save files to floppy and read them in another computer using VL?  (Read 2284 times)


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I have two computers that each have VL installed. Each computer has a floppy drive. What I want to do is transfers files via a floppy disk. However, it seems that the files I save to floppy are only visible when the floppy is inserted in the computer where the save was performed. For example:

Computer "A"
file saved to floppy: test1.txt

Computer "B"
file saved to floppy: test2.txt

When the floppy is in Computer "A," it only sees test1.txt
When the floppy is in Computer "B," it only sees test2.txt

How can I make each computer see/access both files?

Problem solved by using KwikDisk (using "Konsole" is too unforgiving)
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Are you "unmounting" before ejecting the disk?  The computer may not have actually written the files before you ejected it.  This also applies to flash disks/thumb drives.