Author Topic: Vector 5.8/5.9/6.0 and PDA ipaq 4150  (Read 2920 times)


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Vector 5.8/5.9/6.0 and PDA ipaq 4150
« on: December 01, 2007, 03:04:03 pm »

In near future (for sure when 5.9-6.0 comes) i will move on to Vector again, but maybe faster (again ;p).

Now i will be using hp ipaq 4150. My question is: how would it work with Linux?
I know there is a good software to sync with Palm OS  developed for years. I also know there is somewhere one for Pocket Pc with WM2003/5/6.

How good is it? Can plug and synchronize my PDA with Linux (propably PIM will be Evolution). Does anyone on this honourable forum (hehe) use similar device?

Or... will i have to run virtual XP on LNX ? :P
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