Author Topic: VectorLinux5.9-rc3 bugs/annoyances  (Read 119463 times)


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Re: VectorLinux5.9-rc3 bugs/annoyances
« Reply #180 on: December 21, 2007, 10:35:38 am »
Check this post in Distro Development.
new kernel to try.----

 ;D Thanks for that. I had completely forgotten that the kernel was not part of one of the betas...

Douwnload kernel and modules. Change suffix .tlz to .tgz
Open kernel with mc and copy pertinent files to /boot.
Open modules with mc and copy modules to /lib/modules/
Go to /boot and change the symlinks for the new kernel. 3 files.
Do lilo, to accommodate the new kernel and reboot.

If you want t change back to the old kernel, change the symlinks in boot, lilo, reboot. That way you muck up nothing.

Turns out I've already got both packages (I'd also forgotten that I had some files on a USB pendrive). And since I use Grub, the change should be even simpler. I'll set it up tonight and can do a bit of comparing between the Zenwalk 2.6.23.x and the Vl one.

Thanks again...