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« on: December 10, 2007, 12:35:05 pm »
Xfmedia is an audio player based on the Xine engine, specifically intended for Xfce. Although XMMS is a good app, Xfmedia has a more readable interface, and may even be more versatile as to formats it will play. The interface reminds me of Sound Juicer, the Gnome audio app. Whereas I don't recall ever getting the titles of individual tracks using XMMS, Xfmedia provides a listing of titles of tracks, when it plays a CD for instance. I'm too lazy to check if Xfmedia is included in the latest VL 5.9 Std RC3. If it is, good move. Otherwise, I would like to test it, and if not include it in the standard install then get it through Gslapt. Maybe we should keep an eye on this app, the same way we're checking Xfburn. I'm interested in other members' opinions. For example, the possibility that Xfmedia would be redundant with Xine.


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Re: Xfmedia
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Package created and sent to easuter.
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