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Author Topic: VL 5.9 Gold Issues  (Read 1095 times)


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VL 5.9 Gold Issues
« on: December 26, 2007, 01:42:25 am »
I'm having issues running things that require root access...

Example #1

I had some tgz packages I made that I could install by simply right clicking then left clicking install, in rc1 and rc3 it would prompt for root pass and bam install would occur.

Example #2

I tried to use su thunar, and for some reason via the launchers I'm not getting again prompted for root access.

Example #3

I was trying to run gslapt and again prompt...

I believe my issue is I'm not being prompted for root access and as such I'm not getting root access. 

For example 1 and 2 I just made myself root and opened thunar, that was my viable work around.

I'm not sure of the program that needs to be executed for gslapt, I figure it'd be in the sbin but looking in there kind of scares me.
This is a fresh install, and I'm not sure if any one else has had this issue...if you had and have fixed this issue please enlighten the ignorant...aka me.

Thanks :D
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