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Author Topic: Moving House Again  (Read 1881 times)


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Moving House Again
« on: December 30, 2007, 07:59:11 pm »

It is less than a year that I moved from slackware to VL-5.8. The way I have set-up my box moving house is always a long process until the last picture is hung so-to-speak. Now since one cannot upgrade to VL-5.9 instead one will have to make a fresh installation I have to repeat the process of moving again.

I have installed VL-5.9-STD on my second HD and during the Beta and RC versions hooked on my VL-5.8 /usr/local and /home partitions of my first HD. The ideas is that I build the new box step by step for my liking without interrupting my home. When eventually finished I would move /root to the first HD. Just as I did moving from slackware to VL

That worked very well until I installed the final Gold version of VL-5.9. I could go back and forth from VL-5.9 to VL-5.8 with my actual /home partition of VL-5.8. Now with the final installation X will not open for my /home squeaking about .ICEauthority and/or .Xauthority.

If then in VL-5.9 I delete me as a user and add again I can enter /home with X, however, I then have a problem in VL-5.8 opening my /home with X.

So my question: why was there no such problem with the Beta and RC versions of VL-5.9 and what would I have to do with the final version that I can use /home of VL-5.8 interchangeable w/o hasle? If no other solution I could possibly safe those files for each version and install them as needed???

Happy New Year

and Thanks to all the Great People on this Forum for all their Help.


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Re: Moving House Again
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2007, 02:55:12 am »

Now with the final installation X will not open for my /home squeaking about .ICEauthority and/or .Xauthority.

I do not understand. You mean you can start VL 5.9 everything
works including the GUI until you try to use the /home partition.
Or when you as a user try to log in with your current /home partition
in place you cannnot log in using GUI?

If the later then check your log compare the conflicting files and edit
as needed.