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Author Topic: mkchroot script  (Read 10389 times)


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mkchroot script
« on: December 31, 2007, 03:09:54 pm »

just a small script to make a chroot for building clean packages
it should work on 5.8 and 5.9
If you think of ways to improve it add them below.

Code: [Select]
#mount point
#insert the name of the iso
echo "enter the name of the iso with path"
read ISO
#mount the iso
mount -o loop $ISO $MNT
#enter the name of the new chroot dir
echo "enter a name for the chroot dir"
#make the chroot dir
mkdir -p $CHROOT
#change to the chroot dir
#extract the bulks
lzma -cd $MNT/veclinux/required/veclinux.tlz |tar xp
lzma -cd $MNT/veclinux/required/vlconfig.tlz |tar xp
lzma -cd $MNT/veclinux/optional/X11.tlz |tar xp
lzma -cd $MNT/veclinux/optional/games.tlz |tar xp
lzma -cd $MNT/veclinux/optional/samba.tlz |tar xp
lzma -cd $MNT/veclinux/optional/dev.tlz |tar xp
lzma -cd $MNT/veclinux/optional/kernel-src.tlz |tar xp
#install the packages
installpkg -R $(pwd) $MNT/packages/*/*t?z
#extract the vlconfig2 bulk last
lzma -cd $MNT/veclinux/required/vlconfig2.tlz |tar xp


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Re: mkchroot script
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2007, 04:24:23 pm »

You rock!
Added improvements to script: cache the fonts, run ldconfig and set the timezone so you don't get "timezone is not set" message if date it called.

I do some other tweaks also so my terminal will let me know it's a chroot so I don't get confused.  I setup my slaptget-rc, update slapt-get, install requiredbuilder or anything I normally use.  I even plop a couple templates in there. Then I make a lzma out of the whole thing.  So it's a delete and extract...  get to work.
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