Author Topic: Some tips about installing VL 5.9 with vinstall-iso taken from 5.8 tree  (Read 4079 times)


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Hi all!

Sorry for the long title but I wanted to describe as well as possible the topic.

I've successfully installed Vector Linux 5.9 with this procedure:
using vinstall-iso taken from the VL 5.8 directory:
but I had to use some tricks to get the installer to start.

The first problem is that I'm running Debian so the "single user" runlevel is 1 (not 2 or 3 as asked by the script).
For reference see:
To by-pass this problem I commented out the check_runlevel in the main part.

The second issue was about the initrd extracted. The command file applied to the VL5.9 initrd doesn't output nothing, so it doesn't pass the test.
Commenting out also this part solved the problem!

Hope that this helps the VL developement!