Author Topic: VL 5.9 Light B3 Released.  (Read 13751 times)


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VL 5.9 Light B3 Released.
« on: March 25, 2008, 07:14:24 am »
The VectorLinux team is proud to announce VL-Light Beta 3.
VL-Light turns an aging PC into a usable computer again. Living up to the VL motto of "When Choice Matters," we give you lots of choices in a small package. We have included JWM and Fluxbox Window Managers, xfe and pcmanfm File managers, Opera, Dillo and lynx Web Browsers, Xine, MPlayer, and XMMS for Multimedia and Abiword and Gnumeric for office tasks. Come Discover the Difference that VL-Light will show you.
We have reached B3 status. In this release we have a new burning app wishcd. We need your feedback on it so Please test and let us know how it goes.

I would also like to announce that Nightflier has stepped up to lead developer for VL-Light. This Move is greatly appreciated.

ISO can be downloaded here:

Please post bugs here: