Author Topic: Sorting out my life  (Read 2976 times)


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Sorting out my life
« on: January 14, 2008, 03:06:38 am »
Hey there. I am about to set up a small home office, with two windows pcs, and a windows/linux laptop.

I want to achieve the following:

1. Use an old laptop as a server, with linux.
2. Use that server to use my ethernet capable external hard disk (500Gb) to be a home for all our files.
3. Occasionally back up said files to a spare hard disk somewhere.
4. Use the server as a central mail server, so outlook/thunderbird on all machiens can access the same mail
5. Allow password controlled remote access, so out and about files can be had, even when all the pcs are off (but the server and the external hard drive are still on)

Can I get a recommendation on what to use, and rough steps of how to achieve it for each point? THat would be incredibly helpful!


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Re: Sorting out my life
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2008, 06:53:23 am »
I would question using a laptops ability for long term use.

Setup Slackware minimal install, use samba for shares,
mail can be done with plenty of Docs out ther for that, and the
ssh for remote access.

There are those that would feel using Vector for your purpose
would be better however Vector is not designed as a server
distribution. Many are using Vector in that fashion.

There are some distributions that can handle all three things you
are looking for with a nice GUI setup, iirc Clark Connect is one.