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Author Topic: MadTux getting better  (Read 1401 times)


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MadTux getting better
« on: January 22, 2008, 01:42:15 am »
My newest MadTux machine arrived the other day and I got everything working perfectly today. The machine itself, like the first one, is just great!  Fast. Inexpensive.  A wonder to behold for such a low price.

A couple of other notes:  I ordered it from the Vector page and clicked on"Vector pre-installed."  Though I asked (commented)  that Vector 5.8 or 5.9 be installed, I got Vector SOHO, so had to load Vector (5.8) anyway.  Also, MadTux, though shipping it with Vector loaded, complained that I did not pay the extra fee to install Vector.  Don't know how that happened, as I was paying attention this time and did not notice any place on the order form to pay extra for the OS install.

Still, the machine is up and running and I am happy.  I will order again from MadTux, being even more careful in the order process next time.

VL7.0 xfce4 Samsung RF511