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Author Topic: Toshiba laptop wish list; hibernate, lid switch, CPU frequency.  (Read 8803 times)


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Re: Toshiba laptop wish list; hibernate, lid switch, CPU frequency.
« Reply #15 on: January 21, 2008, 05:41:31 am »

I tried 'hibernate' again and got the error about nvidia not unloading.  So I tried 'hibernate --force' again, and got exactly the same result as I do in Kubuntu.  Everything rolling along to the point I see something about Atomic Copy on the screen, then the LCD goes "no signal" and the system freezes.  A hard reset with the power button brings up a fresh boot; not a restore from hibernate.

Try specifiing the module name to be unloaded. You do this in /etc/hibernate/hibernate.conf
see man hibernate.conf and find this section
UnloadModules <module name> [...] Names of modules to unload prior to suspending.
LoadModules auto|<module name> [...] Names of modules to load after resumimg. If auto is specified, the modules that were unloaded previously are loaded.
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