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How To Resolve Seg Faults with Mozilla Apps and Scim


Given that a couple of forum posts in other threads have referenced segmentation faults with Firefox from our repository and/or prebuilt binaries supplied by, I thought it would be appropriate to place this how-to here so that it can be found easily.

There is a known issue with Mozilla-based applications (Firefox, Seamonkey, Thunderbird, etc.) and scim that causes segmentation fault errors. The issue is not restricted to VL, but is common to all Linux distributions. The problem is discussed in some detail at

There are basically two ways to resolve this issue:
1) Use the scim-bridge input method for Firefox only. The author of the above post prefers that method, as it avoids having to recompile Firefox with scim on the box as a dependency. He also suggests using a wrapper to firefox to set up the environment. The following wrapper script will work with VL:

--- Code: ---[ x"$GTK_IM_MODULE" = "xscim" ] && export GTK_IM_MODULE="$GTK_IM_MODULE-bridge"
/usr/bin/firefox "$@"
--- End code ---

Change the name of the app to either seamonkey or whatever other mozilla app in the example above for your situation. Also make sure that you specify the correct path for the firefox, etc., executable. Finally, make sure that the wrapper script you're writing is set to be executable (permissions 755).

2) The second option is to compile Firefox, etc.,  yourself from source, ensuring that scim is installed on your box prior to building Firefox. If you choose to go that way, then the build scripts used to build Firefox and other Mozilla-based apps are in our repository in the sources tree.

Hope this helps.


The "from source" build scripts for firefox have been replaced in our sources tree.  The scripts are for the official Mozilla builds to be repacked.

With uelsk8s permission I made the scripts you are speaking of public here.

Firefox is there now, and the others will be added when I can find them on one of these partitions.
Feel free to add the link and delete my post  :)


No need to delete your post - the fix for the scim issue will also work with prebuilt Firefox, etc., binaries as well. ;-)



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