Author Topic: 5.9 Install - Video Blankout  (Read 4826 times)


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5.9 Install - Video Blankout
« on: January 10, 2008, 10:29:48 am »
Howdy y'all,

So, I'm finally getting to try Vector 5.9 GOLD.  Put together a box to set it up on:
AMD Athlon (1GHz or so)
Video: Sapphire 9600XT
Audio: Sound Blaster LIVE (I think that's it, the 24bit version)

Anyway, I was having trouble with initial start up.  I'd boot up, the only failure I'm noticing is with FONTS, and get to the Server login (set to Server GUI, system will serve as file server eventually), and then screen would blank out.

I have installed the proprietary ATI driver (not sure if this is my problem).

I was able to do the Alt+Ctrl+F1 to get to the text mode, but when I tried resetting up video, I forgot to change the keyboard to 104 key so it's not letting me do that again. :-\ Last night, before I decided to crash, I tried to boot up into TUI mode, but after about 5-10 minutes it was still "Loading Vector Linux" (I think it had moved from one other stage) so I just turned off the monitor and went to bed.  Had to go to work this morning so I haven't checked it again.

A couple of oddities I've noticed, I seem to have to reburn the CD after install.  It is a CD-RW, so maybe it's getting corrupted or written by something other than Vector.  However, I've never seen this before.  It's weird because I checked the ISO to the checksum, verified the burn, and checked packages, everything checks out.

Also, if you set up the keymap during setup (final stages), when you get towards the end, at video setup, you do it again.  Maybe drop that initial setup as it's rather pointless?

Other than that... LILO looks great! ;D

Thanks y'all!

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Re: 5.9 Install - Video Blankout
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2008, 04:40:23 am »
Had a similar problem with the CD as well. I downloaded the image, MD5 checksum ok, burnt it to disk and checked cd contents all seemed ok.
tried to install but it had trouble finding the boot image and kept erroring out and halting.
I'm going to burn a new disk image in case its a faulty CD and try again.


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Re: 5.9 Install - Video Blankout
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2008, 01:07:41 am »
Well I burnt a new CD and installation went fine this time - but on rebooting after installation I get a video problem, its a bright yellow screen and nothing will shift it - I have now reinstalled three times with different video setup each time and get the same, last install I opted for text not gui but still got the same unreadable yellow screen.

I'm installing on a FIC laptop, celeron 333, 128mb ram.

Re-installed 5.8 gold - works like a dream.


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Re: 5.9 Install - Video Blankout
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2008, 09:13:17 pm »
I can't help you with your yellow screen but I have had your cd/rw problem before. And not just with Vector. I had some Live CDs that worked great right after they were burnt and then an hour later were garbage. It turned out to be the burner. Normally a CD/DVD burner either works or it does'nt. there is no in between. But I have had this happen twice and replacing the burner solved it.

Good luck with the yellow screen. I haven't seen that before!

Have you tried using VESA. My ATI 9250 will not run under xorg 7.0 because their is no driver for that. It works fine on 5.8 which runs with xorg 6.?.